Strategic, project-based marketing services
that future-proof
growing businesses

Many businesses turn to freelancers for one-off marketing support. Not many get results that fit cohesively and sustainably into their overall business strategy. Futurpruf delivers evergreen marketing assets and services that are practical and effective long after the project is done.

Looking upward into a pine tree along its trunk

Demand more from your marketing

As you’re growing your business, you’re planting seeds for a forest of success. Don’t settle for the usual one-off marketing pieces – they either wither away or grow out of control. Upgrade to thoughtful marketing project support that integrates into your overall business strategy and delivers lasting value.

Bottom of a tree trunk showing large roots.

Marketing that suits your business stage

Early-stage and smaller businesses have vastly different marketing needs than larger companies. But all companies can benefit from strategic marketing support that thinks like a CMO and delivers like a specialist.

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The next disruptor

Look at you! You’re starting a business or are in the first years of one. You don’t have excess time or money to spend, but you need to get marketing right in order to grow quickly. Your first few marketing assets end up driving your brand, so they’d better be future-proofed or else a rebrand is in your future.

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Small/er but mighty

Congrats! You’ve made it past the point that most businesses fail. You’ve clearly got something good, but you’re likely still operating lean. As you scale, your internal marketing resource needs change and you may need to rework or add to existing marketing assets to suit your latest GTM strategy.

Large mature pine tree icon
Large and in charge

Well done! You’re a well-oiled machine, and you likely have a fulsome marketing function. But large marketing teams tend to be made up of specialists, and losing one leaves a gap. You’re also more likely to be tackling larger marketing projects that could benefit from ad hoc support.

How much faster could your business grow with a bit of extra marketing support?

See the growth for yourself

Dorian Persaud headshot

Melanie from Futurpruf has supported my business development for some time. She’s always made an effort to understand my business. That results in very little effort from me on each new project, as well as a positive outcome.”

Dorian Persaud, Principal

Persaud Employment Law

Joy Preiss headshot

Over the past few years, Melanie from Futurpruf has helped me establish an online presence for my business, including managing my Facebook page and Facebook Ads. It’s been a great help to have a marketing resource when I need one.

Joy Preiss, Owner

Joy’s Art Studio

Ilan Saks headshot

I’ve trusted Melanie from Futurpruf with pitch decks and more recently, our rebrand and website redesign. Futurpruf is the first place I go when I have a marketing need, or even just want marketing advice.

Ilan Saks, Founder & CEO


When is the best time to plant a tree? Forty years ago. When is the next best time? Today.

It’s never too late to unlock business growth with powerful marketing assets and strategies. What makes them powerful? When the marketing resource who made them is as committed to your bottom line as you are.